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Hello, my name is Louisa Morgan and I am a professional singing teacher based in Exeter. I welcome both beginner and more advanced singing students to attend my lessons, aimed to help students of all levels develop their vocal strength, range and confidence.

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My Mission
Building Vocal Strength, Control & Tone

My name is Louisa and I am a professional singing teacher tutoring students of all abilities and style to sing with confidence. I cover a wide range of musical genres, helping you to learn through singing the songs that you are passionate about - whether that is classical, pop, jazz or musical theatre songs.

This student lead approach has given brilliant results, as it encourages students to enjoy the process of learning to sing, promotes more practice and builds the skills required to improve.

I blend the music that inspired a student to start singing with technical exercises that focus on developing the core skills required to sing with confidence.


Cygnet Theatre, Exeter, EX2 4AZ


Louisa Morgan
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Get in touch to find out more.

Find out more about my singing lessons here in Exeter by getting in touch. You can also arrange your first lessons by filling out the form.

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My Lessons
Sing the Songs You Love

I am a passionate vocalist, teaching all levels of singing from beginner right up to advanced. With a Grade 8 distinction in singing from ABRSM and experience as a professional singer (solo classical, jazz, folk and musical theatre and formerly part of a jazz trio)

I teach most styles and tailor the lessons to your needs. I am also fully DBS checked, registered with the update service and hold a safeguarding certificate.


3/4 hour £30
1 hour £35

Lessons are weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Check out the prices page for more information about the cost of lessons.

Beginners to Advanced

My lessons are individually tailored to each student and focus on helping you learn through the songs you love.

Lesson Focus

Learn the foundations of singing

Master the basics to enable you to sing confidently

Understand how the voice works

Build the core skills required to sing competently

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    Lesson Focus: Pitching notes accurately.
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    Lesson Focus: Understanding how breathing impacts the singing voice.
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    Lesson Focus: Exploring range, tone and volume
Lessons Focus

Moving for beginner to intermediate

Expand your musical knowledge and the understanding of the voice.

Lessons to reach that next level

Build vocal strength and find your own tone.

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    Lesson Focus: Draw on different musical styles to find your vocal tone.
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    Lesson Focus: Understand how vocal health can impact singing ability.
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    Lesson Focus: Explore new approaches to singing that unlock the voice.
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    Lesson Focus: Build your confidence in your ability to sing consistently.
Lessons Focus

Moving to Performance

For more experienced sings explore stagecraft, nerves and vocal health

Maintain & Strengthen Your Voice

Learn how to look after your voice, helping to deliver consistent performances.

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    Lesson Focus: Mastering Stagecraft and performance nerves.
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    Lesson Focus: Developing consistency in performance across multiple shows.
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    Lesson Focus: Exploring how to rest and recover the voice.
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    Lesson Focus: Planning for auditions, grades or shows
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Singing Lessons Exeter Teacher - Louisa Morgan
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I can help you to

I would be delighted to help you to develop your singing ability, as well as share with you many tips to help you to maintain and improve your vocal health. It is so important to protect the voice from vocal strain or damage, ensuring that singing can be a lifetime activity. My advice for vocal health is based on my certification as a Vocal Health First Aider. Alongside this I am currently working part-time towards a Masters Degree in Vocal Pedagogy, enabling me to bring the very latest research on singing techniques to share with my students.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are priced at £30 per 3/4 hour lessons and £35 per hour lesson.

I teach the majority of my lessons from the Cygnet Theatre, Friar's Gate, Exeter, EX2 4AZ. It is a fantastic place to learn to sing, with all the resources that we need for our lessons and great access links from across the city.

I welcome students from the ages of 12 years old and upwards, as well as adult learners of all ages.

Absolutely, students are welcome to take lessons online via Skype or Zoom should they wish to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Yes, I cover many different styles of music and will focus the songs that we learn during our lessons on the music that inspired you to start singing.

Still have questions? Get in touch

Ready to start?

To arrange you first lesson or to find out more about my lessons here in Exeter simply get in touch.


Louisa Morgan
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